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Tractor Trailers

For tracktor-trailer repair service, call (417) 499-7353!

We maintain around-the-clock availability at 417 Tractor Trailer Repair to meet your diesel maintenance needs! With over a decade of truck repair experience, we can keep your rig in action for the long haul. Call us wherever you are in the Four States, and we will come to you!

Diesel Repair Services

We are on-site diesel maintenance for semis and trailers for the following:

General Diesel Maintenance

We can tackle routine maintenance to keep your truck running smoothly, including batteries, brakes, starters, radiators, and more!

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Tire Replacement & Patching

There's nothing worse than being stranded because of a blown tire. We can patch or replace tires wherever needed.

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Ensure your truck is ready for registration so you can keep hauling!

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When Others Won't Change Tires, We Will

Many local diesel mechanics don't want to fix or replace tractor-trailer tires. And that's a problem when you need to get back on the road. At 417 Tractor Trailer Repair, we fix and replace tires, and we come to you to do it!

Get 24/7 Roadside Service

We're always standing by to take your calls and respond to your truck repair needs!

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About 417 Diesel Repair

We serve Joplin and the Four State’s tractor-trailer repair needs with the training, certifications, and experience to get the job done right!

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