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General Diesel Maintenance

General Diesel Maintenance

At 417 Tractor Trailer Repair, we offer a variety of services to maintain your semi and trailer. We will come perform necessary maintenance for your truck on site, 24 hours per day.


We understand the importance of well-maintained lights for the safety of your operations. Rely on us to conduct thorough inspections of all exterior lights, ensuring compliance and safety on the road. From headlights to markers, we've got your lighting needs covered.


Safety is our top priority, and a reliable braking system is non-negotiable. We specialize in routine brake inspections, checking pads, drums, and rotors for wear and tear. Keep your fleet in top-notch condition by addressing brake issues promptly with the expertise of 417 Tractor Trailer Repair.

Oil Changes

Keep your diesel engine running smoothly with our timely and efficient oil change services. Following manufacturer recommendations, our mechanics use the highest quality oil to remove impurities, reduce wear, and optimize engine performance.


Don't let starter issues slow you down. At 417 Tractor Trailer Repair, we are experienced in starter maintenance. Attentive listening for unusual sounds and prompt problem resolution are essential in our process to address starter issues with your truck.


Power up your operations with a well-maintained alternator. Our skilled mechanics ensure your alternator is charging optimally and inspect belts for wear. Trust 417 Tractor Trailer Repair to keep your electrical systems in prime condition, preventing unexpected failures on the road.


Cooling is crucial, and we excel in radiator and cooling system maintenance. Regular inspections for leaks, corrosion, and debris removal keep your engines running cool.


A dependable electrical system starts with a healthy battery. Let 417 Tractor Trailer Repair handle battery maintenance—checking for corrosion, tightening terminals, and testing voltage. Keep your fleet powered up and avoid unexpected breakdowns with our comprehensive battery services.

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Diesel Repair Services

We are on-site diesel maintenance for semis and trailers for the following:

Tire Replacement & Patching

There's nothing worse than being stranded because of a blown tire. We can patch or replace tires wherever needed.

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Ensure your truck is ready for registration so you can keep hauling!

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